Training and capacity building

Accelerating the impact of the data collected on community field and remote mapping, GeoTE trains data users and consumers on the correct and right way to use and create more impact with the data made available for decision making, knowledge generation, and communications.

Community sensitization

Working with a range of stakeholders, GeoTE successfully develops and improves awareness among its stakeholders in matters that contribute to the growth of the community in terms of professions, strategies, and prosperity.

Community Mapping

GeoTE works more closely with the community in gathering community data useful for decision-making and knowledge generation. We support communities by training and engaging community data collection through participatory community mapping.


Targeting Youth, this thematic area focuses on mentoring youth in universities and the community on ways they can shape their carriers. This includes finding opportunities and ideating and pitching their ideas that aim to solve community challenges.


GeoTE contributes to community-based research to remove the various social, cultural, and logistical barriers while aiming to achieve greater knowledge around sustainable environment to empower communities worldwide through collaboration and partnerships.