Who We Are...

GeoTE is an open non-state geospatial actor who are voluntarily focusing on making a world a better place by developing and managing open source geospatial datasets, piloting open geospatial technologies and open geospatial innovations to effectively, efficiently, and sustainably support development and management of natural resources globally.

Our Vision

Aspiring future where society will be equipped with the ability to utilize geospatial technology to bring a sustainable solution to challenges in the society

Our Mission

Promoting community engagement in applying open-source technologies while working in a network that enables a self-sufficient connected ecosystem to ensure efficiency, productivity, and quality services.

Our Culture

GeoTE tradition and norms revolve around uniting citizen science with hard science to support development for all.

Our Values

GeoTE believes in nurturing open Data-Technologies-Innovation nexus (DTI). As an open organization, GeoTE places its entire value on actualizing the interface of data, technology, and innovation, empowering communities to shape their own future.

Our Team

Meet the brilliant minds behind GeoTE - a diverse team united by passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to excellence.

Erick Tamba Mnyali


Gideon G Swai

Co-founder & Executive Director

Ezekiel E Kiariro

Open Mapping Manager

Frank Anderson

Program Manager

Janeth Mwakisole


Emmanuel Richard Mahe

Legal Affairs

Davies Amedeus

Communications & IT Expert

Carolina Likiliwike

Communications Manager