Geospatial Technology and Environment

“We put Geospatial Technology at the center of development”


Welcome to GeoTE.

Est 2019

Our Story

Founded in 2019 as a youth-led initiative promoting sustainable development in local communities, GeoTE aims at utilizing geospatial technology to support sustainable development goals through geographic citizen science and participatory geographic information system strategies in implementing community projects to enhance inclusiveness in addressing challenges and finding sustainable solutions in local communities.

Being one of many open mapping communities, GeoTE Tanzania has continued to contribute to open data through Openstreetmap and while transforming community knowledge through remote mapping and field data gathering workshops and capacity building sessions.

Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize community participation in developing and implementing projects and activities that strengthen their adaptation to changing environments and technologies. In addition, GeoTE effectively advocates the use of open knowledge and problem-based learning through community training, seminars, and workshops with different stakeholders.

GeoTE intends to create a community that works in a connected ecosystem, contributing to and utilizing the power of open-source tools in solving local, regional, and global challenges that directly support the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.